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Your guide to building scalable production apps with Redux

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Why is Redux so complicated?

You kinda understand the overall concepts of Redux after following tutorials and blog posts. But when you start to use it to scale up your React app things gets super confusing.

The connect function freaks you out super hard. Why do you need mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps? And why are all those parentheses around connect()()?

And the reducers you write just doesn’t look as clean as in the blog posts. This one surely has some room for improvement, right?

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Look at all that code. But it’s not only the reducers. There is so much more code to write when you introduce Redux in your app. You have to write reducers, actions, action types and code for connecting to React. All this boilerplate code is in your way. You are not productive in Redux. When you want to add a new feature, you have to edit 3 or 4 different files. Is this really the way it supposed to be?

Redux just confuses you. How can you make Redux click? Is it even possible for you?

Build large scale apps handling millions of users

What if you got past the tutorials stage, and started to really get value of the added code that Redux introduce to your app? Every single line of Redux could would have its purpose — and you would know it.

The confidence of having complete control over your app would be awesome. You would know how to write elegant reducers that are readable and effective. You would refactor the code like a pro and debug it like a programming master.

You would build large-scale apps with Redux. You know, apps with hundreds of actions, large reducers and hundreds of React components. This is were Redux really shines, and gives structure and order where it otherwise would be chaos. You could build fast apps that your users love to use.

It’s true that there is a learning curve to Redux. But with the right resources it doesn’t have to be a pain but a joyful learning experience.

The Redux juice is really worth the squeeze when you know how to use it and when to use it.

Learn how to write awesome Redux apps with Real-world Redux.

This is a single resource that teaches you everything you need to know to build real applications with Redux.

This is not a beginner-book in programming. It’s aimed at experienced developers who want the most effective way to learn and use Redux in real applications.

This is not a book about advanced functional programming theory. It’s a book that is actionable and hands-on.

If you are serious about learning Redux and don’t want to waste your time learning from outdated blog posts and tutorials - then this book is for you.

What does the book cover?

The book includes everything you need to be productive as fast as possible:

  • The Redux basics
  • Everything about connecting to React
  • How to structure the format of your Actions
  • Reducers that are easy to work with
  • File structure for a scalable app
  • How to organize complex state
  • What code belongs in Redux and what code belongs in React
  • Do Ajax the right way with async actions
  • Tools and libraries to make you more productive
  • Using middlewares to maximize code reuse

Look inside the book

The complete book is 127 pages long and is filled with hands-on actional adivce. It starts from the beginning and takes you all the way to advanced real-world scalable apps.

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Length:127 pages
Format:PDF, EPUB and MOBI
Redux version:4 (latest stable version)

What are other devs saying about the book?

The first version of Real-world Redux was extremely valuable to me. Thank you for your work.

— Ron Male

Still not convinced?

This book will be updated continuously because the Redux ecosystem keeps moving. You will get a lifetime of new releases of this book included in your purchase.

And if this book doesn’t help you, you get a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

About the author

I'm Jakob and I have been coding Redux since it was first announced by Dan. I have 10 years of experience as a professional dev and I have been coding as a hobby since I was a kid.

The best way to learn how to program is to do hard and deep work. There are no shortcuts.

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Q: What version of Redux does the book cover?

A: It covers the latest version of Redux which is version 4. It also uses latest versions of react-redux, redux-thunk, etc. However, the core API of Redux doesn’t change that much these days. So if you need to learn Redux to tweak an old legacy app, the tips and techniques used in this book will surely be useful also for that.

Q: What formats do I get of the book?

A: You get PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats. You’ll most likely find a format that fits your device!

Q: How many pages is it?

A: It’s 127 pages. It’s not a long heavy book, but should be quite easy to read.

Q: I’m still not sure. Can I get my money back if I’m not happy?

A: Yes of course.