A minimal but correct Redux setup to simplify learning

Do you have “learning Redux” on your Todo-list, and have had that for some time now? You have the feeling that you should be learning it but you never get around doing it? The Redux docs are pretty heavy and nothing you casually read through so it’s a barrier for getting started.

When reading tutorials and documentation you quickly get the impression that this is complex technology and therefore a lot of new things to learn. The truth is that the basic concepts are not that difficult to learn. You can do it in a couple of hours. You can write a larger application by starting with just the basic concepts, and add on more advanced stuff as you need it.

But how to learn the basics when tutorials/documentation want to teach you everything at once?

I have created a minimal React/Redux setup that you can use as a starting point for learning Redux. The main part is under a 100 lines of code (where 20 of those lines are test data), so it’s easy to understand. The code is available as a project that you can clone from Github. It is Worlds’ smallest Redux/React app: (bootstrapped by Create React App)

Instructions on how to clone, install, and run can be found in the readme file in the repository. The React/Redux code can be found in the two files src/App.js  and src/index.js

If you have a concrete use case that you want to implement I recommend you checkout the code and use that as a starting point for implementing your features TODAY.

If you get stuck while reading and understanding the code, please don’t hesitate to email me.