Time to level up your Redux skills!

Tutorials are just touching the surface. They don’t go deep enough for you to get it.

Actions and reducers make sense. But when it comes to connecting it to React it’s just confusing. Why do you need mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps? And why all those parentheses around connect()()?

You have read all articles and tweets by Dan about presentational/container pattern. And still you can’t wrap your head around it.

And when you write a reducer, and it turns out like this:

That code is a head-scratcher. How can you put this code on Github for the world to see? Or show it to a teammate?

You are a busy developer and you want the most effective way to learn Redux.

You don’t have time for endless googling for tutorials. Tutorials that often are completely out of date.

What if Redux was on the list of tech you enjoy working with?

You already know a bunch of libraries and tools. Wouldn’t it be great if Redux was one of those?

You would finally master all the necessary tools to be able to write modern web applications with JavaScript.

Learn how to write awesome Redux apps with my upcoming book Real-world Redux.

This is a single resource that teaches you everything you need to know to build real applications with Redux.

This is not a beginner-book in programming. It’s aimed at experienced developers who want the most effective way to learn and use Redux in real applications.

This is not a book about advanced functional programming theory. It’s a book that is actionable and hands-on.

What does the book cover?

I am in the process of writing the book now. It will include everything you need  to be productive as fast as possible:

  • The Redux basics
  • Everything about connecting to React
  • How to structure the format of your Actions
  • Reducers that are easy to work with
  • File structure for a scalable app
  • How to organize complex state
  • What code belongs in Redux and what code belongs in React
  • Async actions
  • Tools and libraries to make you more productive
  • Using middlewares to maximize code reuse
  • …and probably much more.

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Length: 120+ pages
Format: PDF, EPUB and MOBI
+ All code examples in source code files