Code your own Redux guide

You know the basics of Redux: action, reducers, and the store. You know how it works. But you don’t know why it works.

It seems like magic.

How does the action creator “call” the reducer when an action creator just returns a regular JavaScript object?

Why must the Redux state be immutable to not risk getting unexpected bugs?

This guide goes in-depth into Redux internals.

You will learn why Redux works the way it does by coding it yourself.

When you have a deeper understanding of Redux, you will be better at fixing your own bugs yourself.

And you will be better at knowing what is best practice without having to ask on reddit or google.

The best part is that it is surprisingly simple. There are no advanced data structures or algorithms. All you need is some basic JavaScript knowledge!

Part 1: Code your own mini-redux

Part2: Code your own Redux connect function

Part3: Code your own combineReducer function

Part4: Code your own Redux thunk middleware